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New Saturday Bridge Club a Big Success

The first game of the Shoreline Bridge Club was a big success. There were 7 tables in the limited section and another 7 tables in the Open section.

The Shoreline Duplicate Bridge Club offers games to newer players and players that want to play on weekends. Prior to the game there is a short lesson.

The club offers a 99'er section and if there are enough players also a higher limited section or an Open section. The 99'ers play 18-24 boards and players are able to ask the director 2 questions.

The club meets monthly at our Bridge Center. The lesson is at 9:45 AM and the game starts at 10 AM. A light lunch is provided. Player fees are $12/person or $6/youth 25 and under.

Flyer including all 2017 dates.

For info contact shorelineDBC.

Happy New Year From Our Unit President

2016 was a great year for Unit 503. Read what Unit President David Puryear has to say about it.

Happy New Year Website

Our website continues to have heavy use. Since inception in early 2001 we have had over 1.6 million visits. About our usage:

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Fall Classes

Beginning Bridge,
Coffee With Kathy, and,
Deadly Defense
Supervised Play
Taught by Kathy Harper

Intermediate IV
Taught by Frank Smoot

Winter / Spring Classes

Intermediate I
Taught by Frank Smoot

Deadly Defense
Playing for Keeps
Supervised Play
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Basic 2 Over 1
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Silicon Valley Youth Bridge. Learn about our program to teach bridge to youth in our area and how you can help.

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Please check our Event Calendar for special games, club closures due to holidays and local events, tournaments and other events which are in addition to our normal Game Schedule.

Club News

Monday Morning

Reservations are required.

Due to the size of this game we encourage people to carpool or take public transit.

Tuesday Afternoon at Unity Church

Gabriella Bowling is now the owner/director of this game.

Tuesday Morning at the Bridge Center

Due to the size of this game we encourage people to carpool or take public transit.

Wednesday Morning

Includes a 499'er section.

Wednesday Afternoon

Gabriella Bowling is now the owner/director of this game. The strata has changed to 199'er from 99'er.

Wednesday Night

Information about upcoming games, game sign up, and more.

Thursday Morning JCC

Reservations recommended.

Friday Morning

Includes 199'er and 499'er sections.
Reservations Recommended.

Saturday Morning

Monthly game for newer players and those who can't play during the week
Short lesson before the game.
Dates listed on Special Games and Events calendar.

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No Street Parking at the Bridge Center

In late October, the City of Mountain View conducted a public hearing to review the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) it granted to IFES last year. Among other things this CUP allows IFES to rent us the facility we use for our Bridge Center. The main purpose of this hearing was to deal with neighbors’ complaints of excessive noise from the IFES facility at various weekend events. Our Bridge Center does not contribute to this noise in any way. But the neighbors also complained that there was too much traffic and there were too many cars parked on Stierlin Rd.

Despite the fact that the CUP allows us to park on our side of Stierlin Road between our two driveways, the City Zoning Administrator, who has unilateral control over the CUP, was sympathetic to the neighbors and strongly recommended that it would be in our best interest to help our neighbors and eliminate our street parking.

Effective immediately, we have no practical alternative but to PROHIBIT ANY STREET PARKING and to ask all of our players to PARK ONLY IN OUR PARKING LOT. Failure to follow these instructions will likely result in the city putting a very restrictive limit on the number of players we can have at our games.

This would be a very painful outcome for all of us. We need all of our players to help us out with this. Please do your part and park in the parking lot and not on the street. The number of spaces in the lot, now nicely striped, will accommodate even our largest games. Please don’t forget that there are parking spots behind the Bridge Center as well. Also, we continue to encourage carpooling and public transit to lessen the traffic on Stierlin Rd.

It’s Cold and Flu Season

Also, your Unit 503 Board is asking for your help, as the season of colds and flu is now upon us. We want to provide our bridge players with a clean, safe and healthy environment, so, please follow these suggestions:
If you feel ill, please stay home. Colds are very contagious, especially in their early stages.
If you cough, please cover your mouth. The CDC states that viruses can travel up to six feet from coughing.
Let’s take a lesson from our grandkids, who are taught in school to cough into their sleeve by their elbow. This is dramatically more sanitary than coughing into your hand and then handling the cards.
Please wash your hands thoroughly and frequently use the hand sanitizers located throughout our facilities.
If you touch a food item, please eat it or throw it away.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please email me if you have any questions or comments.

Brian Samuels (650) 703-9510


Carpooling to Our Games

As Unit President Brian Samuels has stated, we have a serious parking problem at our Bridge Center for some of our games - in particular Monday mornings and the third Wednesday morning of the month when there is a large event in the main hall. One of the ways we can reduce parking on the street is to increase the number of people who carpool.

Most people make arrangements for carpooling directly with their friends but if you'd like to see who else is available to carpool, or add your name to the list of available people, we have updated the carpool system on our website to better support this.

Please take a few minutes to look at our updated carpool system so you are aware of what it can do. Being new, there are only a couple of people listed but we hope that will grow as more people learn about it. To get to our new carpool system use the Games - Carpools & Public Transit link on every page.

The information on our website will also be available at our Bridge Center.