ACBL Unit 503


The library, located in our Bridge Center, is available before and after games held at the Bridge Center.  Unit members may check out a book for a maximum of one month with a limit of two books at a time.  To check out a book get the key to the bookcase from one of the librarians, Fran Bennett or Valerie Baldwin, or from the game director. Please fill out a checkout form, leave the form in the box in the bookcase and then return the keys.

Librarians Valerie Baldwin and Fran Bennett

Our library works on the honor system. Unfortunately, a recent audit shows that there are sixty books which have been taken without checking them out. If you have borrowed library material without checking it out we ask that you return the item(s). Here is a list of the missing material.

The following items are available in our Library. There also is a printed list near the library bookcases.

Thank you to all those who have donated material to our library. We'd like to expand our library so please contact Valerie Baldwin email or Fran Bennet email if you have a bridge book, pamphlet or software to donate.

Recent Addition(s)

Tips on Bridge

Casey, Ken


Never a Dull Deal

MacKinnon, Robert


Bidding Topics

Rodwell, Eric


Keys to Winning Bridge

Stewart, Frank


Two Over One: A First Course

Treble, Bill



Our library is funded by the generous donations of our members to the Peninsula Bridge Education Foundation. Learn how you can support our education programs.

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