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With the cessation of the Kibitzer, news of interest to Unit members is provided here. If you have items you'd like to share please contact Judi Gentry email.

Player Profile: Alan Templeton | Picture

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Claire Coleman's Birthday Surprise | Picture

Just Kibitzing - Letter from Judi Gentry

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Many of you received notice that your free trial period with the optional “Pianola Plus” has ended. You do not need to subscribe to continue receiving post game results from Pianola or using the basic free services, such as the partner finder feature.

Walter Miller II passes away

walterWe are sorry to report that Walter, who directed games for many years until recently, passed away the morning of February 14. No information about services is available.

Thank you Walter Miller.

Walter Miller retires. Gabriella Bowling new owner/director of games at the Unity Church

After 40+ years of service to our Unit, Walter Miller has retired from running his weekly bridge games. Thank you Walter Miller. Gabriella Bowling is now the owner/director of those games which offer new strata, electronic scoring, immediate results, great snacks and more. Flyer

Thank you Directors

Happy New Year from our Unit President

2017 Board Election Results