ACBL Unit 503

About Us

Located on the San Francisco Peninsula, we have almost 1000 members.

We offer games for all levels of players including intermediate / newcomer games specifically for new and returning players with limited masterpoints. We hold games seven days a week at our Bridge Center and several other locations nearby.

Almost all of our games feature pre-dealt hands with hand records and analysis. Game results and hand records are available on our Game Results page.

We support the ACBL's Zero Tolerance Policy for eliminating unpleasant behavior at games.

We offer a comprehensive education program including classes, free lectures and mentoring.

Most of our games, education programs and other activities are open to the public. If you are not already a member of our Unit we hope you will consider joining us.

Unit Membership Passes 1000

Membership has been growing steadily due to the quality of our games, education program and our facility. This is a 47% growth in the last 11 years.